My greenhouse was destroyed, so I made a Sound Effects Library using its remains.
Electromagnetic Sound Effects perfect for heavy Processing.
Get the 15 classic sounds of the TR-707
the quirky teenage engineering pocket operator modular 400 synthesizer, multi-sampled for your favorite DAW or MPC.
free organic & quirky percussive one-shot samples. These also make for great tactile UI sounds.
A classic underdog synth by legendary manufacturer ARP - multi-sampled.
The legendary Roland drum machine, sampled, processed, re-imagined.
Celebrating 50 years of the legendary ARP ODYSSEY synth with a meticulously multi-sampled library.
ARP's classic string machine, bass wiz, and mono synth brought into your favorite DAW.
A drum kit made from 100% bicycle sounds.
Platformer journey between a chef and his world of food.
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